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How to use Google+ Business Pages

Setting Up. Google+ Business Pages are free web space; make the most of it! You can really optimise information about your business, timings, address, contact information, along with pictures and videos. Don’t hold back here. Hubspot is an example of what you can do....

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Why do you need Google+ Business?

Why do you need a Google+ Business Page? Because it's by Google, the No.1 search engine in the world! Here's some other reason getting your own Google+ Business page is plain good business sense: They show up in search results - extra advertising for free! They...

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Is WordPress good for SEO?

My goodness, yes! Here’s 10 good reasons why: Google likes it. WordPress has clean code and good structure. Many WordPress sites rank very well in Google search results even with lots of competition. Speed of content creation, adding pages and posts. Tweeking - super...

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