10 Reasons Why You Need Maintenance!

by Apr 13, 2016

Would you ever think about not maintaining your car, house or health? The same is true with your website! Regularly updating and maintaining your website will give you get maximum return on your online investment.

Here are 10 key reasons why do you need Website Maintenance services:

  1. To generate additional interest and bring in new visitors and traffic
  2. To stay looking fresh and up-to-date which conveys air of success
  3. To give a user-friendly experience to your users. Increasingly users are viewing your site on mobile devices, and your website needs to be responsive
  4. To add new products, services and/or features
  5. To open reach new clients and new markets available online and in social media
  6. To re-focus on your client/customers needs but applying Intel from analytics and user tracking
  7. To maintain Google (and other Search Engines) rankings
  8. To keep your website working well. WordPress is being continually improved. It is one of the great features of WordPress sites. Third-party plugins can become unusable if the core coding is updated but not the plugins
  9. To get ahead of your competitors. As they remain stagnant you have the opportunity to attract their market share
  10. To protect your site from hackers. Hackers love to target vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the code or plugins. Developers are busy fixing bugs and release updates as soon as they can.