Did you know that research and experience shows that if you handle complaints well, you may be able to increase customer loyalty? So, if you do get a critical review or mention in a forum or on social media it is imperative not to over react. Rather, stay calm and engage in a positive way and it may be possible to turn a disgruntled customer into a delighted fan.

Here’s How to Handle Negative Reviews

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Engage quickly
  3. Try to recover the service
  4. Apologise for their experience (while not necessarily admitting fault).
  5. Mention how your business cares about customers and service
  6. Tell them you welcome an opportunity to discuss further to look for a way to work it out together.
  7. Continue to monitor social media.
  8. Manage your online presences though blogging, social media and SEO. This way you get pages that you control to show at the top of the lists.
  9. Google places could be hit by a negative review, but as an owner you can manage the page, and reply quickly.