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Top Websites is dedicated to helping Australian businesses bridge the gap from store front to the right amount of online presence. Most small to medium businesses don’t have unlimited funds to experiment with large sites or expensive social media campaigns. They do want to be able to get reliable, honest advise about the type of website and social media they really need, and they want ‘bang for bucks’! Does this describe you?

Jo Clarke

Project Manager

Jo leads the business offerings and is responsible for the direction and management of all development resources and assets required to produce effective, targeted and successful online products. She co-ordinates the production by the team of skilled technicians and support services needed for each project.

Jo has strong technical skills, computer and design experience, and a solid knowledge of interactive production. She holds a Master of Professional Communication in Multimedia (GPA 7/7), BA (Communication), design certificates, and has many years experience in managing multimedia projects.

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