Online Security – Where to Start?

Jun 26, 2019Security

How serious you are at protecting your online security and privacy will determine how much effort you are willing to go to!  Which one of these describes you?

  • I don’t particularly care. I’ve got nothing to hide/protect.
  • I’m a bit concerned but don’t want to go to much trouble.
  • I’m concerned but its all so complicated. I don’t know where to start.
  • I’m moderately concerned and want to do what I can. Is there help available?
  • I’m very concerned. What do I need to do NOW?

Actually, everyone has something to protect. The fact that we have passwords for various devices and accounts highlights this point. You do have assets (one of which is your privacy) that some others will take/steal if they can. Hence, everyone needs a plan, whether a very simple one or a more complex strategy.

Let’s start with a plan

One of the best sites to educate yourself on online security is Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting online privacy. In particular, you may find the page on building Your Security Plan helpful, as an individual, and more especially if you are a business.

Security isn’t just about the tools you use or the software you download. It begins with understanding the unique threats you face and how you can counter those threats.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

This list of questions, courtesy of EFF, is your starting point.

1. What do I want to protect?
2. Who do I want to protect it from?
3. How bad are the consequences if I fail?
4. How likely is it that I will need to protect it?
5. How much trouble am I willing to go through to try to prevent potential consequences?

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before putting your plan in place. You may like to start with the most important and build from there.

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