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If it’s out-dated or unattractive, you may be missing valuable leads and sales!

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The two previous [website developers] had been an utter disappointment by missing the essence of our message and had made it so clunky. You stepped in and efficiently modernised and brought our new website to life. Oh, I LOOOOVE the web site and so do others.

Helen – Business Owner (Healthcare Industry)

Our website is utterly brilliant!! It’s been such a pleasure working with you. You have made the process so enjoyable! Nothing was ever a problem and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance and support to make this happen!

Karen – Business Owner (Healthcare Industry)

I have now been working with Top Websites for over 18 months and I find them to be a delight to work with. The work is very professional and creative. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.

Dr Arun Dhir – Surgeon, Author, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Wellness Advocate

Top Websites helped us design the websites from scratch. Attention to detail and prompt response in maintaining our sites (even from external hackers) has been great. They understand how the consumer would approach and navigate through a content rich website.

Dr Lim – (Healthcare Industry)

Top Websites is professional, creative, understanding and is able to take you thoughts and ideas and translate them into something that looks stunning and provides an exceptional user experience. I would highly recommend them if you need a new website or would like your existing site professionally transformed.

Michael W – Business Owner (Healthcare Industry)

Top Websites listened to everything we said we wanted our website to do and say, and they showed ‘real heart’ for the work of our charity. We could not be more delighted with the end product and working with Top Websites was great.

Robyn – Director (Charity)

Why You Need a Great Website

People quickly make judgements about you when they see your website. If your site looks professional, they’ll be more inclined to trust you and do business with you. You also want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. So, how are you looking?

Time to get expert website designers and developers!

Man look at his website on iphone
woman's car broken down, likewise website needs maintenance

Why Bother With Website Maintenance?

If your website isn’t maintained it quickly deteriorates, much like a car or house needs regular attention. Hackers are also after a quick and easy mark. Neglect your website for too long and you may be in for an crash!

woman's car broken down, likewise website needs maintenance

No Time for Blogs & Posts?

Most small businesses feel overwhelmed by the task. But new content in the form of blogs and posts is great for nurturing customer relationships, building your reputation and even highlight current offers! It’s possible to get some great “bang for bucks” with some strategic planning and some regular posting.

Let us help you!

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Quick Quiz: What is the key purpose of ANY business?

Answer: Creating and keeping customers. Of course, you knew that!

How Important are Loyal Customers?

What is vitally important to your business is happy customers who are loyal to you and recommend you to others.  Yes, we all know that. So, how do we ensure customer satisfaction? How can we delight them? Read on!

woman hold yellow phone is  a happy customer

Communications & Marketing

= Nurturing & Caring for Customers

Communicate to Build Relationships

When asked, “What is central to all businesses?”, many businesses may say ‘sales’. Actually, when you think about it, there is something more fundamental and important. Relationships! A sale is the result of a decision by one party to trust another, and the lifeblood of all relationships is communication. Better communication more often than not leads to better sales, and even more relationships as customers recommend you to others.

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Websites that “Wow”

Nearly anyone can build a website, of sorts. Not many web developers take the time to so strategic planning & design before they start building, and it shows! Not many know how to analysis your business to make sure your website design and social media marketing is seamlessly integrated, differentiates you from your competitors, looks professional, and really “speaks” to your target audience, providing them with what they want.

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