Wow! What a great website!

What makes a great website? Well, here’s the thing… it’s ALL about what your customers want, and not so much about what the business wants to sell! So what do your customers want your site for, how do they use it, and what would they like to see there? Get it right and your site will be a success.

Yes, I want a great website!

First Point of Contact – Your Website & Social Media

Your Website Starts Something Important!

When potential customers search online and find you, your online presence will ‘speak’ and start a productive relationship.

What type of website should you choose?


Information site

Contains content that is intended to inform visitors, much like a brochure. Examples of such are most government, educational and no-profit institutions.

Blog (or weblog) site

Generally used to post online discussion or forums. May be modified and used for any other type of site, including business and e-commerce. A favourite blogging platform is WordPress.

Corporate or Business site

Used to provide background information about the business, organization, or service. Examples of corporate sites are General Motors and PepsiCo.

Commerce or eCommerce site

These are for purchasing goods or services and feature a shopping cart and secure payment gateway. Examples of such are Amazon and Target.

Depends on analysis of your goals and customer needs

Check the reason why you may choose ...

Information site

Only need a brochure style site? This one is for you. However, if you want to go one step further and do more for your customers, why not consider a blog or e-commerce.

Blog site

Ideal platform for engaging with your current and potential customers. With the right plug-ins you can also sell directly to customers.

Corporate or Business site

Your background information is very interesting but could you also provide information about products, even allow customers to order online? E-commerce is for you!

Commerce or eCommerce site

Many small business are missing out on the opportunity to increase their business if they do not offer online shopping.

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