1. Setting Up. Google+ Business Pages are free web space; make the most of it! You can really optimise information about your business, timings, address, contact information, along with pictures and videos. Don’t hold back here. Hubspot is an example of what you can do.
  2. Stay Active. You can gain followers and build loyal customers if intriguing and interactive content is being shared regularly.
  3. Respond to posts. If people are acknowledged and engaged with they will likely keep coming back.
  4. Schedule your time. How can you stay active on Google+ Business Pages without wasting time? Assign yourself, someone in your business, or your marketing company with these 5-10 minute tasks:
    • Respond to a post
    • Comment on your own posts
    • Read posts on other Google+ Business pages and comment
    • Look for new information your followers may enjoy
    • Share a new post

Responding to positive comments is not difficult but how do you handle negative posts? We’ll give you some essential tips in the next post.