Maintenance PLUS Extra/Facebook Plan

$150.00 / month

Wanting to turn your Wordpress website into a valuable asset but don’t have the time or expertise? With this Maintenance PLUS Extra/Facebook/Social-Media Plan you get Social Media posts and images uploaded, new pages, and posts (which can also added your other Social Media pages). In addition to site updates, backups, basic issue fixes. This is a recurring service plan which will renew itself every month.


This package will get your Wordpress site buzzing with new content! Great for your target audiences and SEO. Maintenance PLUS Extra/Facebook Plan includes:

  • Updates to plugins, themes and CMS core
  • Daily backups and recovery of files from backups (if needed)
  • Website and email issue troubleshooting – fixes as they relate to the website*
  • Extra text & page edits
  • Add a brand NEW PAGE each month**
  • Upload 2 NEW BLOG POST each month**
  • Blog Post feeds to Newsletter (with Mailchimp)**
  • Facebook or other Social Media Posts, Events and/or Ads uploads (2 to 8 per mth)*** OR
  • Other website work
  • FREE Hosting Plan (Value ~$30/mth includes 15GB Storage and 400GB Bandwidth)
  • Image preparation and editing included
  • Schedule for Social Media posts and/or Ads each month***
  • Note: Usually total of 3-4 hours per month. Extra work can be ordered on as Extra Support Credits
* Issues that relate to the host server, DDOS attacks or other are NOT covered in this plan and may require Specialty Website Maintenance ** Client to provide content and images.
*** A strategic plan or monthly social media posts/ads will be provided if desired. However, client is to provide the text content for each.
IMPORTANT: Content writing is not included. Deep-level Facebook management and analytics is not included. Please see Terms and Conditions.
Note: Non-Wordpress platforms often have very differing requirements. Please contact us for a tailored Maintenance Plan.

Additional information


Maintenance of any site, but especially Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, is essential. One of the great advantage of WordPress is that is being constantly updated by an expert team who are continually incorporating fantastic new cutting-edge features and who respond quickly to issues and security threats. Website Maintenance Basic Plan includes updating your WordPress core so you get that increased functionality and that added layer of protection from hackers and other threats. For a similar reason, plugins also must be updated as soon as the developers release their updates.

Your site stays looking fresh with faster load times.


Likewise, backups are critically important. Things can and do sometimes go wrong. Ever lost an important file due to clicking the wrong button or a crash on your computer? You know what it feels like! In the world of online data, any number of things can go wrong. From hackers, machine malfunction to human error.
Backups are like insurance, there if you need it.
Best case scenario – you wont need it!
Worst case scenario – we can make sure you recover as quickly as possible.


Have you noticed that there’s some text on your site that you didn’t get quite right, and it makes you cringe? Perhaps its the spelling, grammar, obfuscatory or out of date information? Standard text edits in Maintenance Plus Plan will get these corrected!

New Page & Blog Posts

New content into blog posts are great for your target audiences and SEO. Blog posts can be used for sending Newsletters with the latest content automatically. Continually building valuable and quality content^ that users want via new pages, blogs and social media content will increase organic SEO, naturally!
^ Client to provide content and images.
^ Your Social Media pages (Facebook, Google+ Page, Twitter, LinkedIn) get auto-populated with the new content that you write for the blog, akin to a ‘feed’ service.


Adding Facebook Posts, Events and/or Ads several times a month builds audiences and keeps them engaged. If you do not already have a Schedule for Facebook Posts that greatly assists in an outstanding Facebook Page and in collecting the needed content, we can help you prepare one. Included also is Image preparation and editing so that pictures and graphics are optimised for capturing viewer attention.
Note: Client will need to provide the content for posts/ Ads, and images in a timely manner.

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