My goodness, yes! Here’s 10 good reasons why:

  1. Google likes it. WordPress has clean code and good structure. Many WordPress sites rank very well in Google search results even with lots of competition.
  2. Speed of content creation, adding pages and posts.
  3. Tweeking – super easy to change titles, Meta Descriptions, and tweek page content, add pages.
  4. A/B testing – create pages with variants to test which gets best SEO, eg wording and position of call to action
  5. New content bump – ie a new post can attract an initial lift in rankings in first few days aster publishing as its news-like fresh content (so blogging is good!)
  6. Responsive designs can be implemented, and other new emerging SEO criteria/best practice can be incorporated quickly. eg Google’s Knowledge Graph
  7. Plugins and support – eg tools like Yoast SEO make it easier to implement SEO
  8. Pings, comments and trackbacks – lets other people interact with the site which brings inbound links and traffic.
  9. Back-end Google Analytic tools.
  10. Continual updates for Wordpress core & plugins – means many teams are continually at work behind the scenes improving the site

Another thing that’s great about WordPress is audience appeal that leads to more traffic and better rankings! You can change the look and feel really effectively and speedily (like a office refit) – thereby keeping ‘modern’ and ‘fresh’ whereas fully customised sites do tend to date quickly and are harder to update. It’s like the fashion industry that causes people to want to update their wardrobe to look cool; website styles are also continually changing. It’s the public online face of the business and impacts on what people think of that business when deciding who to go to.  That is, is this a modern and up-to-date business?