Should you go social?

FaceBook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter are the current big names in social media. The questions small businesses commonly ask: Is it worth while to engage in Social Media, given the time, money and energy that social media marketing may be require? And, what will happen if you don’t?

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Social Media is great for nurturing customer relationships

You can build your reputation and even highlight current offers!


Everyone knows about FaceBook, but did you know how effective it is if used as a second webpage. Put up all the information about your business. Paid advertising allows you to reach customers according to specific demographics and interests.


Twitter is a great way to connect with new and existing customers. You can easily promote, share and drive word-of-mouth communication about your business.

Google+ Plus

Google+ Pages are a growth opportunity for small businesses. You can optimise information about your business, timings, address, contact information, pictures and videos. Don’t skimp on it!


Blogs can help you communicate with customers. If you are an ‘expert’ and regularly post timely and relevant information its possible to create loyalty.

How to start in Social Media?

It's not too difficult or time consuming. Take notice of these useful steps and pointers below

Pick One to Start

Trying to do too much too fast will be overwhelming and may prevent you from learning each media effectively. Choose one site and focus your attention there before trying others.

Set a Time Budget

Create a time budget that limits your daily or weekly social media totals so as to fit into your schedule. You may decide to assign the social media to one of your team who has social media skills, and meet regularly to brainstorm ideas.

Clarify Your Goal

What do you want to accomplish with social media? Are you interested in generating leads, finding colleagues to collaborate with, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry? Clarify your goal and use it as a benchmark.

Outline Approach

There are many different ways to use social media sites for business – a communicator, industry-related news feed, a mix of business and personal information. Decide on your intended approach.

Consistent Profile

Each social media account has profile fields that may include a bio, websites, contact info, location and photos. Completely fill out your profile on any social media sites you use. Consistency is vital when it comes to social media, and is a great bonus in recognition, broader reach, and ongoing communication with the same contacts on multiple sites.

Use a Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck can help you manage your social media time by allowing you to automate some of the social media process on one handy interface. You can set up automated posts, alerts and notifications, create groups, skim activity quickly, and schedule updates.

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