Getting Found

How Do They Find Out About You?
How do potential customers find you? Is it from talking to other people? Your advertising? Industry referrals? Or is it from online searches? Increasingly that is where people are going to find solutions to their needs. So, do you come up in their searches?
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When people search online there is only ONE of two possible outcomes


1. They find your website


2. They find your competitor's website

Getting found on the first search page is what it's all about!

There you have more opportunities to be ‘clicked’ on, contact to be made and your phone to start ringing

Quality Content

“Content is King” has long been mantra in Search Engine Optimisation. Your website must have solid quality content about you, your products and your services that will be of interest to current and potential customers.


Keyword Rich Content

Make sure your website pages use the keywords potential customers will use to find that content. Include those words or phrase naturally throughout the text, and name heading and images with those keywords as well.


Provide Useful Information

Is there information that is of high value to customers, such as news, details or processes in a particular service? Including this kind of information will make a positive impact on your patients return rate as well as SEO rankings.

Quality Links

Search engine algorithms try to decide how relevant you are by who you are linking to and by what external sites are linking to a page on your site. It’s important to get authoritative links to sites in your industry or related services.

Don’t over rely on SEO!

Ultimately your business is about providing goods and services to real people.


is always going to be one of the most important aspects of your business.

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