What about print material?

Current and potential customers often like to see information in print. It tells them something about the product/ service and it tells them about your professionalism. Often suppliers will have their material for you to give out, but why miss out on the opportunity to market your company?
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Business Cards

The old-fashioned rectangular card is still the fastest and easiest way to share business contact information with prospective customers and clients. They provide legitimacy, promotional opportunities and remind people about you.


Customers love brochures! It’s not just the useful information they can find inside either. Usually a lot of care has gone into their design and making and they reflect the company’s professionalism beautifully.


People respond to glossy paper, lots of colour and pictures the same way … they love to look! Flyers are great to use in direct mail-outs as people tend to trust mail more than emails. Flyers are also much less expensive than magazine advertising.


Everyone loves a freebie! We can help you think laterally to come up with unique and memorable ways to tickle your customers fancy.

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