So, you have spent the time and effort writing blogs to your website. You may have even developed a Target Persona so that you understand your target audience so much better and can talk “to them” and not “at them” with relevant content. You’ve gone to the trouble of developing a fabulous title (heading) that draws attention, and a great image that illustrates and enlivens.


But are you getting “bang for bucks”? You have worked hard at your blog but are you neglecting your other social media channels due to lack of time?

With minimal effort you can:

  • Spread your content’s visibility
  • Increasing audience reach
  • Enhance SEO

Share, Share, Share

Why not port your blog post across to your FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more. It’s easier than you think! You have already done most of the work.  The chart shows you how.

The good news there are tools that help you with sharing your blog posts by acting a hub for distribution. Hootsuite is well know, along with various plugins if you are using Wordpress or other CMS. These tools give you the ability to tweek the content for each channel. For example, Twitter takes just 140 characters so you will want to choose a juicy heading or question to link to your original blog post.