How can you be found online? 5 Easy Tips

Hint #1 – Claim your Google+ Business Page

  • Why? Because it’s by Google, the No.1 search engine in the world!
  • They show up in search results – extra advertising for free!
  • They influence the search ranking of your website
  • It makes you stand out from the crowd (your competition)
  • It’s an easy opportunity to connect with more people, incl potential customers
  • It’s a great way to get into social media

Hint #2 – Verify and Populate your Google+ Business Page.

It’s free web space favoured by Google, often shown in search results even before customers click on your website link, so use it to the full. It as your ‘other website’ so be sure to optimise information about your business, timings, address, contact information, as well as lots of pictures and videos.

Hint #3 – Respond & Stay Engaged.

If people are acknowledged and engaged with they will more likely keep coming back. So comment on their comment! Connect to their social media pages and comment on their posts whenever you can. How will you stay active on Google+ (and other social media outlets) without wasting time?

Hint #4 –  Schedule Your Time.

Assign yourself, someone in your businesses, or your outsourced marketing guru, these tasks:

  • 5 minutes – Respond to a post
  • 5 minutes – Comment on your own posts
  • 10 minutes – Read posts by others on their Google+ Business and comment
  • 10 minutes – Look for information your followers would like
  • 10 minutes – Share a new post

Hint #5 Beyond Google

Google+ Pages is not the only Social Media outlet that you can take advantage of to build your reputation, reach your potential and current customers, increase your visibility on online, and ultimately grow sales.
Facebook has a huge network of members now allows you to build business pages and advertise to specific target audiences. Like Google+ Pages, it can also be used as another free web page with the advantage of being able to interact with new people, build relationships, and discover new opportunities for more business.
Twitter for Business can be a great way to augment customer service, build business is your prospects are online, direct peoples attention, find out their opinion and learn from others. Listen for your name, your competitor’s names, and words that relate to your business to find out what is on your customers minds.
Pinterest Business Page will help you look more professional and credible. Do you already have or can produce a steady stream of high quality images, video or related visual content, including info-graphics? Can it be niche-specific? Will it help your customers express themselves? If yes to any or all of these, it may be time to explore the opportunities through a Pinterest Page.